Data Management Consult

Are you running a project that requires Data Collection and Data Analysis?

Let us make the process much efficient and faster!!


How it works

  • We convert your questionnaire to digital format
  • You use tablet(s) which we will provide to collect your data in the field
  • We aggregate your data into an Excel file
  • We run Data Analysis (optional)

PricingData Management Consult

Company Package

  • Companies/Institutions
  • Large and/or long-term Surveys
  • Training Inclusive

Mini-Project Package

  • 3 to 10 Page Questionnaire
  • Up to 3 Tablets
  • Up to 3 Weeks
  • Data Extracted to Excel

Student Package

  • 1 to 5 Page Questionnaire
  • 1 Tablet
  • Up to 2 Weeks
  • Data Extracted to Excel